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I believe that people are the brands of the future.

Join me, and uncover the gold in your personal brand story.


I'm Marc Maley

Over the past 20 years, I have been lucky enough to have been at the forefront of shaping, refining, and steering the marketing and branding strategies for some of the world’s most revered global brands and franchises.

More recently, I have shifted my focus to partnering with mission-driven executives, authors, athletes, and global leaders, helping them innovate and elevate their personal brands.

My approach combines deep industry insights, a global mindset, and a bespoke “secret sauce” honed over years of shaping some of the world’s most beloved entertainment brands, platforms, and talent.


My Brand Story

My Brand was born by my fervent belief that personal brands are as vital as corporate brands. By applying billion-dollar brand frameworks to mission-driven and values-oriented individuals, My Brand provides unparalleled value, helping you unlock your full potential and achieve extraordinary success.

The Yellow Brick Road Personal Brand Method, is dedicated to transforming your personal brand journey into a compelling, authentic, and impactful narrative.

Join us, and discover the gold in your personal brand story with our innovative products and services designed to guide you every step of the way.


Why I Do It

I have discovered that working directly with individuals, rather than brands, brings me a profound sense of purpose and inner joy.

Empowering people, whether they are at the beginning, midway, or peak of their careers, with the tools to develop a unique and compelling brand story is incredibly fulfilling.

Seeing them uncover their true potential and craft a narrative that authentically reflects their journey is wonderfully rewarding.


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